Are your BMW Seats Twisted?

02 BMW 530i
Does the Dealership want $800-1500 to fix them, per seat?

We have found a way to repair your BMW Twisted Seats.

This DIY Repair will take around an hour & cost under $40.

This method will repair ONLY BMW 5 & 7 Series: 1983-2003.



BMW Seat Repair Video: Instant Download

This method will repair ONLY BMW 5 and 7 Series: 1983-2003.



But hey, don’t take my word for it...
See what my past happy clients have to say about it.

Testimonials from past customers:

Jason and Trina in Iowa: 95 BMW 540i 6 speed We easily repaired our black 1995 540i with the rare 6-speed manual transmission, shown here in the photo on the right. We have since sold the car, but we will recommend your website to any of our friends in the future who have this issue with their BMW. Thanks!

Johnny from California: Paul, I’m so happy that my BMW 523i seats are finally working again. Thanks for the Video!

Derrick in Kentucky: It’s been 3 years since my seat got twisted up! Paul you saved my life and my BMW 525! I could not afford the crazy dealer price!

J.T. from Minnesota: Hey do you have any more BMW repair videos! You made the seat repair so simple, now I want to do all my own repairs!
98 BMW 528i  Nice rims
Austin from Alaska: My wife is so happy, she has been driving her BMW 540i for a year with messed up seats and I fixed them with your video!

Jeff in Dallas: Paul you are the man! I can’t believe that it was so simple to repair my Bmw 530 seats! I would have done it ages ago had I known!

Robert in NY: It’s a pleasure to drive my BMW 545 again. I stopped driving it because the seat was so twisted, now I’m back in the saddle!

Samuel in Perth: Hello Paul, I wan to thank you fro the clear instructions for repairing my BMW seat. It works like new again!

Larry from Portland: Great repair on my BMW 528i except my hands are really large and it took me a while to get it right! Thanks again.
97 BMW 525i
Peter in London: I was very skeptical about the BMW 745i seat repair; the dealer said it was difficult and expensive! Wow, he was wrong!

James in Wyoming: Never thought my BMW 728i seats would work again. Now I can stop playing with them, got to go adjust them again…

Kira in Belize: I got your video and had my husband fix my BMW 728i seat. He is handy with computers but now he thinks he is a mechanic too! LOL


Or better yet, let them tell you themselves!


There are some tools that you will want to have to make the repair job easy. You will have most of these tools in a standard tool kit or in just about anyone’s garage at home. Here is the list of Required Tools:

2000 BMW 740iL

1 large Flat Head Screw Driver
2 Small Flat Head Screw Drivers
10mm Wrench
3/8-Inch Driver Ratchet Wrench
3/8” Dr Star Bit Socket T-50
1/4-Inch Drive T-30 Star Tool or T-30 Star Tool Screw Driver
1/4-Inch Driver Ratchet Wrench
1/4-Inch Drive Extension about 2-Inches long
8mm Bit Socket
1/4-Inch Drive Screw Driver
Metal Cutter / Tin Snips
1/4-Inch to 3/4-Inch Small Pipe Cutter / Tube Cutter
2 x Long Nose Pliers
Channel Lock Wrench / Adjustable Wrench
Mechanics Light / Flashlight / Torch
Post-it / Sticky Tags



BMW Seat Repair Video: Instant Download

Now you will be able to fix your own BMW Twisted Seats, maybe your neighbors seat too, and you will be on your way to happier, straighter backed days!
This method will repair ONLY BMW 5 and 7 Series: 1983 thru 2003.